Basketball in Czech & Indiana

Basketball in Czech & Indiana: Just a Tad Different
Posted on 03/06/2018
Cutting the net at Sectionals

After winning the sectional, Tad Kapek, Bloomfield’s foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic, spent some time discussing basketball with Coach Hobson.

Coach Hobson: What’re the biggest differences between high school basketball here and club basketball in Czech?

Tad Kapek: Basketball here in America is awesome. Everybody loves it; that’s the first big difference between Czech and USA. In Czech, nobody cares about basketball except players. Here, everybody is excited to go see basketball games with friends or family.

CH: What about the differences in the game itself?

TK: For me, the biggest difference is a shot clock. A shot clock makes basketball faster and, I would say, more fair. Because just holding the ball for four or five minutes without attacking the rim is not basketball for me.

CH: Earlier in the season, did you understand what it would mean to play for a sectional championship?

TK: In the middle of the season I didn’t know how important sectional is for everybody. But every day closer to sectionals, I could feel it. It was making me nervous, but not stressed because we played these teams before in the regular season, and I knew we have a really good chance to win.

CH: What about once we got to the tournament? Did things change at that point, as you were playing for a sectional championship?

TK: After a few games here, I realized that I can’t hear the crowd. I don’t know why; I’m in the game, and I can’t hear anything. That changed our final sectional game. It was after I dunked the ball. I looked and I saw fans going crazy and it was an amazing feeling.

CH: And at the end, or after, the game? What was that like?

TK: We won the game. And I’m not that type of person who starts screaming and jumping. But I had no choice. I was almost in the middle of the crowd of players, fans, and parents. After all that I was surprised how many people came to me, just saying how good that game was. Everyone wanted to take a picture with me. I felt like some celebrity. It is definitely one of my favorite memories in my life. And I’m so glad that I can be here and be part of this.

Submitted by Coach Mitch Hobson
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